Neighborhoods to live in Portland

Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon, being also called “The City of Roses”. Being a big city, Portland has a strong economy and blooming real estate market, with more and more buyers and renters every year. Therefore, Portland has a lot to offer when it comes to the housing department, and you will find it easy to buy or rent a nice apartment here anytime. However, the location remains an important trait of any property, and you must choose very carefully.

When you search for Portland information online, you will find thousands of offers and deals for apartment, but what you should look for in the first place is a list with the best neighborhoods. Every big city has good places and not-so-safe areas to live, and for your own security, you should go for the nice and lively neighborhoods. Apartments may be cheaper in unpopular areas, but safety is more important, or it should be. Therefore, if you think of moving to Portland anytime soon, take a close look to the neighborhoods around.

  • Downtown

The first area to cross your mind when you move to a new city is the downtown, right? The real estate market in Portland offers nice and comfy apartments in the downtown area, this neighborhood being the best at public transit. This area can be an easy choice for those obsessed with public-transit, because the public transportation here is ranked as one of the best in the whole country. Plus, if you live downtown you don`t really need a car. All the important services are just a few steps away.

  • Pearl District

The second good neighborhood to be found in Portland is the Pearl District. Even if this area may be more expensive than the others, it is totally worth it! You will find here everything you need, from beautiful homes and apartments, to security and great restaurants. Charming streets and buildings are also a plus, making this neighborhood perfect for those who love luxury and good food.

  • The Northwest

A truly great neighborhood for the young singles is the Northwest. This area offers plenty stores and pubs for the young professionals, while it also provides good, secure and charming homes, modern approaches to buildings and many, many other advantages.

  • Concordia

For culture lovers, Concordia may be the dream. If you are looking for an apartment located right into a cultural center, then you must check out this neighborhood fast. This northeast neighborhood can always keep you entertained with its amazing art galleries, cool coffee shops, bars, boutiques, music venues, restaurants, and many other entertaining centers. Plus, the mix of races, social and economic identities is a plus! Look up an apartment in this area only if you love to be cool and hip all the time.

Finding the perfect rental apartment

Portland is one of the greatest cities in Oregon, being also the largest one in the state. Plus, Portland is known as a green city which promotes environmental friendliness by encouraging people use public transportation and also by protecting over 8.000 acres of land. Therefore, Portland is a great place for recreation, having many parks and green spaces, perfect for families, young people and seniors. Plus, Portland is known as “The City of Roses”, being the home of the “International Rose Test Garden”. Therefore, Portland is a desirable place to live in, and more people are looking now to rent in this city.

If you are looking for a green, entertaining place to live in, Portland is the solution for you! The city has been entertaining its residents for decades now, and it won’t stop now. Arts and culture are also an important part of this city, Portland having one of the largest galleries in this part of the US. Plus, the neighborhoods will satisfy any taste and personality, so is not going to be difficult to find something appropriate for you. Therefore, to find the perfect rental apartment here, you just need some Portland information about it. So, what are the steps to find a good rental property? The process is easier than you imagine, and you will find more details below.

  • Determine your budget

You should determine what you can pay before going rental hunting. Therefore, draw up a budget and see exactly where you money is going right now.  Generally speaking, you should now spend more than 30% of your monthly income on renting. Keep in mind that, in addition to the rent you will be paying, you will need budget for utilities, Internet, cable, and other extra costs.

  • Determine the features

You should determine the features you want to have in your new rental apartment. So, ask yourself several questions, such as if you want access to a shared outdoor space, if you need a full bathroom, if you need a kitchen, if you will be willing to use stairs, etc. Also, you should consider your compromises. These can be related to the roommate problem, or to the neighborhood issue.

  • Visit rental places

Now is time to visit as many places as you can in one day. You should choose a couple of neighborhoods that seem appealing to you, and look for renting places over there. For example, narrow down your search to three neighborhoods and go visit 3 or 4 places at least in every one of them. Note everything that seems good or bad about them and compare them when you get home. After that, choose only the apartments that you liked, and pay them another visit. Only after you do that, you can really decide on the renting.

Home selling tips in Portland

Portland is a big city, located in the state of Oregon, standing next to places like San Francisco and Seattle. With these prerogatives, the real estate market in Portland is going pretty well, and apartment sellers can be very successful if they look for the right opportunities. However, if you don`t promote your condo well or refuse to hire a real estate agent, you can end up with the apartment on the market for a long period of time.

In order to have a successful sale and a good outcome, you may want to consider a few home selling tips. There is a lot of Portland information related to this topic on the Internet, but there is no need to look further! You can keep reading and find some useful selling tips. Get a good deal on your apartment right now.

  • Avoid house schemes

In order to have a good sell, you should avoid making quick cash on house schemes. This can seem like an appealing way to sell your apartment fast, but you can also get scammed pretty fast. You should not, therefore, pay attention to online or yard signs advertisers, because you can get scammed or, if you are successful in the selling, you will be very likely to get less than the market value for your apartment. In the current Portland real estate market, investors and buyers will give you 80% of the value of your apartment, so don’t settle for less.

  • Clean your apartment

Another good tip to follow if you want to sell your apartment fast is cleaning your condo. The flat must be in a good condition when you are showing it to the public, so clean it and declutter it, making it ready for the sell! Don`t worry, you do not need to make expensive upgrades or spend a lot of money on the condo, but you need to make it look appealing, comfortable and warm, and make seller feel like they are entering their home, and not yours.

  • Fix your condo

If you have anything broken in your flat, such as windows, doors, light bulbs, etc. you should fix them as fast as possible. Your property will sell faster if you have everything fixed. Plus, it will increase the apartment’s value. Therefore, before you present your apartment to potential buyers, you should fix everything that needs fixing.

  • Promote it

These days, internet is the best way to promote a selling property, so you should definitely get the best marketing package out there. Choose a Portland real estate agent that will work with several websites, in order to get your apartment promoted all over the net. Also, you can pay to promote your apartment on the top five real estate websites in the U.S. You will have more chances to sell your condo this way!

Home buying tips in Portland

Portland is one of the largest cities in Oregon, next to San Francisco and Seattle, but the beauty of it is not the fast-paced life, but the laid-back, charming atmosphere. However, the great real estate market, the small town feeling that it has to it, plus the impressive music and arts scene makes Portland attract more and more buyers and renters in the housing department. The city has a lot of advantages to it, and only someone who would live there would understand that.

Therefore, if you think about moving to Portland, that is a truly great decision. You should, however, consider some home buying tips before you get started. There are many websites on the Internet providing that, but you should specifically search for Portland information to get more accurate results. Or you could just keep reading and learn the handy tricks below!

  • The budget

One important thing to think about when you want to buy an apartment is the budget. How much are you willing to spend on a flat? What is your price range? Yes, you should get pre-approved for a mortgage first if you don`t have the money for a new condo, but you also have to set out a price range. You will find it easier after that to search for properties that appeal to you.

  • Get informed on the Portland real estate

The second step to follow if getting informed on the Portland real estate market. Some investors always watch the numbers, time, median sales price on the market, so why don`t you get informed as well? You should, however, pick a neighborhood to narrow your search down.

  • Pick a good neighborhood

As it had been said before, picking a good neighborhood will help you narrow down your search and find an apartment easier. You should really know Portland neighborhoods, or at least read about them. For example, an apartment in Northeast Portland will be less attractive than one in Pearl District, but it would be cheaper. However, get interested in the walkability scores of the areas. Check out the nearest hospital, school, bank, if there are stores around, etc. You can search all these information online, but the best thing to do is driving around the city and get to know the neighborhoods step by step.

  • Ask out a real estate agent

There are no stupid questions in the housing department, especially if we are talking about your first apartment. You should definitely hire a real estate agent and have him answer all your questions. Plus, you should also question the seller’s agent, the mortgage lender and the home inspector. Getting informed is the most important thing of all!

  • Stay realistic

The last but not least thing to do is staying realistic and considering all the facts before making a purchase. For example, don`t get talked into buying an apartment if you don`t really like it. You should purchase a condo that fits your style.