Finding the Perfect Rental Apartment

Finding the perfect rental apartment

Portland is one of the greatest cities in Oregon, being also the largest one in the state. Plus, Portland is known as a green city which promotes environmental friendliness by encouraging people use public transportation and also by protecting over 8.000 acres of land. Therefore, Portland is a great place for recreation, having many parks and green spaces, perfect for families, young people and seniors. Plus, Portland is known as “The City of Roses”, being the home of the “International Rose Test Garden”. Therefore, Portland is a desirable place to live in, and more people are looking now to rent in this city.

If you are looking for a green, entertaining place to live in, Portland is the solution for you! The city has been entertaining its residents for decades now, and it won’t stop now. Arts and culture are also an important part of this city, Portland having one of the largest galleries in this part of the US. Plus, the neighborhoods will satisfy any taste and personality, so is not going to be difficult to find something appropriate for you. Therefore, to find the perfect rental apartment here, you just need some Portland information about it. So, what are the steps to find a good rental property? The process is easier than you imagine, and you will find more details below.

  • Determine your budget

You should determine what you can pay before going rental hunting. Therefore, draw up a budget and see exactly where you money is going right now.  Generally speaking, you should now spend more than 30% of your monthly income on renting. Keep in mind that, in addition to the rent you will be paying, you will need budget for utilities, Internet, cable, and other extra costs.

  • Determine the features

You should determine the features you want to have in your new rental apartment. So, ask yourself several questions, such as if you want access to a shared outdoor space, if you need a full bathroom, if you need a kitchen, if you will be willing to use stairs, etc. Also, you should consider your compromises. These can be related to the roommate problem, or to the neighborhood issue.

  • Visit rental places

Now is time to visit as many places as you can in one day. You should choose a couple of neighborhoods that seem appealing to you, and look for renting places over there. For example, narrow down your search to three neighborhoods and go visit 3 or 4 places at least in every one of them. Note everything that seems good or bad about them and compare them when you get home. After that, choose only the apartments that you liked, and pay them another visit. Only after you do that, you can really decide on the renting.