Home Buying Tips in Portland

Home buying tips in Portland

Portland is one of the largest cities in Oregon, next to San Francisco and Seattle, but the beauty of it is not the fast-paced life, but the laid-back, charming atmosphere. However, the great real estate market, the small town feeling that it has to it, plus the impressive music and arts scene makes Portland attract more and more buyers and renters in the housing department. The city has a lot of advantages to it, and only someone who would live there would understand that.

Therefore, if you think about moving to Portland, that is a truly great decision. You should, however, consider some home buying tips before you get started. There are many websites on the Internet providing that, but you should specifically search for Portland information to get more accurate results. Or you could just keep reading and learn the handy tricks below!

  • The budget

One important thing to think about when you want to buy an apartment is the budget. How much are you willing to spend on a flat? What is your price range? Yes, you should get pre-approved for a mortgage first if you don`t have the money for a new condo, but you also have to set out a price range. You will find it easier after that to search for properties that appeal to you.

  • Get informed on the Portland real estate

The second step to follow if getting informed on the Portland real estate market. Some investors always watch the numbers, time, median sales price on the market, so why don`t you get informed as well? You should, however, pick a neighborhood to narrow your search down.

  • Pick a good neighborhood

As it had been said before, picking a good neighborhood will help you narrow down your search and find an apartment easier. You should really know Portland neighborhoods, or at least read about them. For example, an apartment in Northeast Portland will be less attractive than one in Pearl District, but it would be cheaper. However, get interested in the walkability scores of the areas. Check out the nearest hospital, school, bank, if there are stores around, etc. You can search all these information online, but the best thing to do is driving around the city and get to know the neighborhoods step by step.

  • Ask out a real estate agent

There are no stupid questions in the housing department, especially if we are talking about your first apartment. You should definitely hire a real estate agent and have him answer all your questions. Plus, you should also question the seller’s agent, the mortgage lender and the home inspector. Getting informed is the most important thing of all!

  • Stay realistic

The last but not least thing to do is staying realistic and considering all the facts before making a purchase. For example, don`t get talked into buying an apartment if you don`t really like it. You should purchase a condo that fits your style.